Animated scene

One look at the animated landscape and you know how it is outside. Everything corresponds to reality - the time of day, the season, the climate, the precipitation, the snow cover, the wind, the clouds, including the position of the sun and the moon.

Comic stories

All sorts of adventures take place in the animated landscape. You will be guided through them by a likable heroine and her friends. You can look forward to something new every time you launch the app. All those who like fun will find something to enjoy. We have also thought of animal lovers. (Plus mode contains 150 more stories)

Simplicity an clarity

The app interface gives you instant access to all current, hourly and daily weather information. It can be presented numerically, in text or in clear graphs. And when you need more, just tap on the value to open up more information.

Panels full of informations

In dozens of panels, you'll see everything you need to know about the weather. You can see all the data in clear and perfectly animated graphs.


It's up to you which panels you use. You can customize their content and appearance to suit you perfectly. 

(Requires Plus mode)


The app has a number of notifications ready to go. For example, weather alerts, morning and evening weather forecast, sunrise and sunset, golden hour, moon phase, UV index. If the prepared notifications are not enough for you, you can add your own.

(Requires Plus mode)

Apple Watch

Look at the weather from your wrist with the CARTOON Weather app for Apple Watch. It's a full-featured weather app, with notifications and plenty of complications.

(Requires Plus mode)


The app has a variety of widgets for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Most can be fully configured. (Requires Plus mode)

Air Quality

Interested in pollen forecasts or air pollution? The app thinks about that too!

(Requires Plus mode)

Animated scene

Panels full of information

Build your own app. Choose from up to 30 different configurable dashboards full of information.

It's up to you which panels you choose and how you arrange them.